Keep Your Vacuum Working at Peak Performance

By using a combination of surface agitation and suction, dirt is removed from both flat surfaces like linoleum or textured soft surface like carpet. The vacuum cleaner motor with the help of a small rubber belt causes the rotating brush to spin against the carpet, loosening small particles of dust, hair and other debris while the suction created by the motor’s fan sucks the dirt into a hose that leads to a dust bag or container.

Today’s vacuum cleaners come with multiple filters to keep the dust and dirt from from being recirculated back into the air, and it’s important to keep all of these filters free of excess dirt by either cleaning or regular replacing them. This allows the air to move freely through the vacuum.

HEPA filters provide an extra fine filtration process that traps many small or invisible allergens and keeps them from getting back into the air. However, if the HEPA filter becomes clogged it puts added pressure on the seals and gaskets and can cause the vacuum motor to overheat and possibly burn out.

To keep you machine working as good as new, regular servicing is important. Expert service technicians like those at AAA Sew Vac East can make sure all the vacuums parts are working at peak performance. This will save you the inconvenience and cost of a broken machine down the road. Plus, a regularly serviced vacuum cleaner will last many years longer than an unserviced machine. That’s important when you’re buying a high quality vacuum.

For more  information of vacuum cleaner service and repair please contact AAA Sew Vac East.