Oreck BB880-AD Super-Deluxe Compact Canister Vacuum

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  • VERSATILE USE: Vacuuming has never been easier. Perfect for cleaning on hard floors and carpet, as well as above floor cleaning with the included tools, the BB880’s powerful bagged performance keeps dirt and debris from escaping back into the air.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: Weighing barely five pounds, this Handheld Vacuum is easy to carry or wear over your shoulder. It’s ideal for cleaning all those hard-to-reach places, and is designed with a Posi-Lock bag door to assure a tight, dust-free seal.
  • DOUBLES AS A BLOWER: With a switch of the hose, you can go from vacuuming dirt to blowing away debris in your garage, home or work space to ensure you efficiently clean every nook and cranny in any location.
  • HYPO-ALLERGENIC BAGS: Unlike many handhelds that use a dust cup, the BB880 uses Oreck sanitary hypo-allergenic disposable dust bags to keep your home cleaner and make sure your hard work goes in the trash.
  • INCLUDED TOOLS: With a complete set of attachments – including a turbo brush – you can conveniently clean stairs and objects above the floor. Vacuum hard-to-reach areas, cracks, crevices, upholstery, ceiling fans, and more with ease.

Oreck – The Solution to Keeping Your Home Clean and Fresh.

Oreck was founded on the simple premise of providing a superior clean with a lightweight vacuum. While the vacuum assortment has grown to include canisters, handhelds and uprights, the fundamental premise still stands. Oreck vacuum cleaners are designed with you in mind to ensure you get the absolute best cleaning experience. Earning its reputation for making the finest vacuums available, Oreck provides easy-to-use, lightweight, and durable vacuums and other cleaning tools — each with exceptional power — for every room in the house.

Small but Powerful.

Meet an indispensable tool in the Oreck cleaning arsenal. This versatile BB880 Super-Deluxe Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for cars, boats, RVs, offices, dorms and workshops, working on everything from tall ceilings and sofas, to all those hard-to-reach places. It’s also a blower to dislodge dirt and debris from crevices and corners, ensuring you can efficiently clean every nook and cranny. Boasting at least 101 uses, the amazing cleaning device may be small in size, but is not lacking in power to provide you with the ultimate clean. In fact, it’s strong enough to pick up a 16-lb bowling ball!

Dust-Free Seal.

Besides having incredible power, what truly separates this handhled from all others is that it uses Oreck sanitary hypo-allergenic disposable dust bags rather than a dust cup. It’s even designed a Posi-Lock, easy-access bag door to assure a tight, dust-free seal. Keeping your home cleaner by trapping dirt and debris and sealing it in upon disposal, Oreck makes sure your hard work goes in the trash and not back in the air as a cloud of dust.

Oreck BB880 Super-Deluxe Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner.

Easy Maneuverability.

Weighing barely five pounds, you can carry or wear the BB880 over your shoulder to clean those crevices and hard-to-reach areas. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for easy maneuverability, while the extension wand make it easy to vacuum without bending or stretching. This extra-long reach easily covers cracks, furniture, high ceilings, blinds, mantels, recessed lighting and more

Multiple Accessories.

The Oreck comes with a complement of attachments – including a mini tool set designed for cleaning computers, answering machines and delicate art objects – complete with a vinyl tool caddy for easy storage. Furthermore, the BB880 comes with a Turbo Brush attachment, roller powered by suction from the canister and ideal for cleaning stairs, upholstery and pet hair.

Vacuuming Made Easy.

Clean every crack and crevice of your car, office, or workshop with the Oreck BB880 Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner. This compact yet efficient vacuum is versatile enough to clean any surface from carpet to hard floors, while above floor cleaning is convenient with its flexible hose, extension wand and complete set of attachments. A package of 8 bags is also included for your convenience.